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Canadiens vs Sabres - Top Six Minutes - The script never fails

Again. Seriously, again. I want to be the calm analyst, but all I can muster is blind fury right now.


  • The Buffalo Sabres might be the worst team in the NHL. I honestly don't think I've ever seen two games where a team has dominated another so thoroughly.
  • Even strength Fenwick the last two games between these two teams? 98-35. That's 73.7%
  • How about Corsi? 144-49. That's 74.6% of possession.
  • The Canadiens lost both of those games, both on the back of horrendous officiating and ridiculous puck luck.
  • If this was something that had happened against two different teams at various points in the season, fine, but it's twice in a week against one of the shittiest teams I've ever seen play pro hockey.
  • You only need two words to describe the Buffalo Sabres, lucky, and douchey.
  • Look at Patrick Kaleta's douchey face and tell me you don't want to punch it.
  • The Sabres have no business winning this game, or the last game. They barely have business being in this league.
  • The worst thing about all this? The stupid NHL decided that the Canadiens has to play an extra game against the Sabres this season, so we have yet another meeting with these douches in April.
  • There were no Canadiens that were objectively bad tonight, so don't go scapegoating. Even Mike Blunden was a positive possession player. Michael Blunden!!
  • I'm not doing three stars because I'm angry and need to shut off the computer before I punch it.
  • At least the Bruins lost too.
  • Would anyone really be upset if the Sabres ceased to exist?