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Alexei Kovalev Retires (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for the morning.

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After 20 years and 1316 games in the NHL, former Hab Alexei Kovalev has officially retired from hockey. I was trying to think of a way to sum up Kovalev's career with the affection and frustration he deserves. Then I stumbled on an interview with EOTP's Olivier Bouchard. He sums up L'Artiste in this way:

Every single time he hit the ice you had to watch, just in case he'd unleash a back-handed, one hand on the stick, cross-ice, on the tape saucer pass while being checked along the board. We watch hockey because we like a good show and Kovalev could make a show of the most ordinary situation.

Nicely done, Olivier; nothing more need be said. Here are your links for the day:

Habs News and Analysis

And then, horn goes off, explosion, players collapse in one corner and then [Hughson] waits long enough and he says, something to the effect of, "and now here's something that's never been said before: the LA Kings are Stanley Cup Champs." And you know, that across the entire continent we're watching going: "this is a collective moment. We just watched a thing that's happened [for the first time ever]."

General NHL News and Analysis

EOTP News and Archive Material