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Canadiens at Islanders - Top Six Minutes - It's backwards day on Long Island

After two games where the Canadiens owned the even strength scoring and the Islanders killed them on the PP, the Canadiens finally turned the tables.

Bruce Bennett

  • Remember how P.K. Subban was a goat last game? Two goals, one on the PP, +2, +10 Fenwick, +15 Corsi. Dominant.
  • is giving Gallagher credit for Subban's second goal. Not sure if that'll change but it looked like Subban's to me.
  • We finally beat the Islanders!!!
  • We're actually excited about beating the Islanders?
  • Francis Bouillon's play on John Tavares' goal would have got P.K. Subban benched. Bouillon still played 14:02, more than Jarred Tinordi, who's been better than Bouillon.
  • This would be why I don't like that signing.
  • The Canadiens shut out the Islanders' powerplay on 4 chances, but most of that was Carey Price making sensational saves, the PK is still pretty awful.
  • Although their play when the Islanders had a 5-on-3 to end the game was actually impressive.
  • Matt Moulson still grabbed two assists tonight. Hab. Killer.
  • Kyle Okposo's dive that caused Travis Moen to get called for hooking for a tap on the hands at the end of the game was amazing. 10 disgraceful Claude Juliens out of 10.
  • Kevin Poulin's dive earlier in the game was a little half hearted, he only gets 6 Juliens.
  • Price finally had a good start against the Islanders!
  • Brendan Gallagher has been the best player on his line for 5 games or so, which is impressive when Max Pacioretty is on your line.
  • I'm exhausted so no three stars picked by me. You're all stars *after school special music*.