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Top Six Minutes - Squandered Opportunities Edition as the Habs Lose To the Bruins

Your quick recap of tonight's Montreal Canadiens loss to the Boston Bruins

Summary of the game in photo form
Summary of the game in photo form
Richard Wolowicz

• The Canadiens had an amazing first period and a pretty good second, but they opened the third with asjhadjfhdfjdfkdlkjdlshdljshdjshdjskdhsjdhjsdhsdjhs and paid for it with the game.
• No really, let's talk about that first period. Do you think the Habs can play many more of those periods this season? Legitimate question. I really hope so, it was amazing.
• If the Bruins were supposed to be the real test, the Canadiens failed. But it really didn't seem so bad, to me. If the defense had been a little tighter in the third, if the coverage didn't lapse so badly there, the Habs would probably have won the game.
• Oh except for all those chances they squandered.
• So I guess the question is whether we think the Canadiens can improve on the brainfart front and put three periods together against a Stanley Cup contender.
• No Brad Marchand certainly makes for a more beautiful viewing experience.
• Holy crap does Milan Lucic like to take stupid penalties against the Habs.
• The Subban giveth, and the Subban taketh away. I love how he was sitting in the box all huffy, pretending to wonder why the officials called a penalty so late in the game after he completely bulldozed his opponent. The refs couldn't even pretend to turn a blind eye.
Raphael Diaz played the role of window dressing tonight. Therrien needs to have a chat with him, and soon.
• I can't figure out if Rene Bourque had a good game or a bad game. The guy is in my head, man.
• You know, I was thinking about this, and who I would trade on the Habs right now, and other than one defenseman because we have too many, I wouldn't really make any trades at this point in the season. Unless the opportunity to get a really good guy (Phil Kessel, I'm looking at you) suddenly arose out of nowhere. Good sign, no?
• Would you make any trades off this team?
• EOTP three starts of the night: honestly, I'm exhausted and had a shit day and it looks like all the green here is Bruins fans rec'in each other. Am I wrong?
• Fuck I hope the Habs beat Buffalo tomorrow. Two in a row, one to a bad team would be too depressing.