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John Tortorella has a mental breakdown

Soon to be TSN panelist John Tortorella kept his post game presser last night mostly about the hit Pacioretty laid on McDonagh, but was that really all he had to say?


After the Canadiens beat the Rangers in New York on Tuesday, firing only 17 shots on Henrik Lundqvist, while the Rangers got just 25 on Carey Price, John Tortorella ripped the Habs for being "boring", and said the game was "one of the worst hockey games I've been involved in. Both teams. But they were better than we were."

Upon losing to the Canadiens for the second time in just five days, with the Habs getting just 18 shots on net to the Rangers' 17, Torts went ballistic.

Torts: "This was even worse than the last game. I don't understand how this s*** happens in today's league."

John Lu: "Do you mean the hit on Ryan McDonagh?"

Torts: "No. I mean the game. It sucked. They played even worse than they did the last time, but somehow we were even worserer, we couldn't even break the shutout like last time. This was the worst game of all time."

Dave Lozo: "You said that last time."

Torts: "Yes."

Dave Lozo: "Are you going to say that after every loss now?"

Torts: "If it annoys you people, yes."

Larry Brooks: "Don't you think you deserve some of the blame for the slow start? This team was supposed to compete for a cup"

Torts: "Shut up, Brooksie. No one cares what you think."

James Duthie: "Hey Torts, looking forward to having you back on the Quiz!"

Torts: "What the f*** are you doing here? You're not even a reporter, and that's not even a question. F*** you, Duthie."

Larry Brooks: *chuckles audibly*

Torts: "What are you laughing at, Brooksie?"

Larry Brooks: "I don't think we'll have too many more of these pressers, John."

Torts: "You motherf*****..." *Torts lunges at Brooks with hands in a choking motion, spittle flying from clenched teeth as Bell Centre security hold him back*

Larry Brooks: "Real professional."

Torts: "F*** this f****** bull****, stupid f****** a*******. I'm out of here." *Torts breaks free from the security and storms down the tunnel. Media members' phones all start buzzing as they get a text message that Glen Sather will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 2PM.*