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Canadiens vs Flyers - Saturday Morning Warmup - C stands for choke?

The new captain of the Philadelphia Flyers is off to a pretty terrible start, and so are the Flyers as a whole.


Claude Giroux took over as captain of the Philadelphia Flyers just before the season began, with Chris Pronger likely permanently on the sidelines following his devastating head injury from last year. So far, it hasn't worked out so well.

The Flyers came into the season with big expectations, especially for Giroux, who hit 93 points last season. The Flyers are off to a 6-8-1 start, far below what we're used to from a perennial contender.

Giroux has 10 points in 15 games, which is hardly disastrous, but he only has 3 points at even strength. Last season Giroux had 55 points at even strength, but if he had played all of the 2011-12 at his current pace, he would have only managed 15.

That lack of production has to be worrying for Flyers fans, as does his decreased shot production. Giroux is down to 2.267 shots per game from 3.14 last season.

Is Giroux cracking under the pressure of the captain's C, or is it just a bad start?