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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes - Your Atlantic Division Leading Montreal Canadiens Edition

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The Habs took the Atlantic Division Lead with an incredible performance by Carey Price, defeating the Bruins 2-1.

Richard Wolowicz
  • Let's start with Johnny Boychuk. Here's hoping he's okay, and that whatever his injury turns out to be, he recovers quickly with minimal pain. That is all I will say on that.
  • As for the rest of this Top Six, a warning: I am hopped up on cold meds. Read accordingly.
  • After that hit, understandably, the game was very subdued for most of the first. It felt like it only woke up in the last few minutes of that period.
  • With that dumb goal Gregory Campbell scored because the Habs caught themselves chasing him and Jarome Iginla into their own zone.
  • Brad Marchand dropping his stick to try to get a call. When he's not diving, his stick is diving. What a tool shed.
  • Here is a tweet from Conor McKenna of TSN 690 after Campbell scored: Bruins take a well-deserved lead and the media member next to me starts jumping and clapping. Only when Boston is in town! (He later clarified that it was a camera man and not a writer or on air personality.) (Probably because a million of us asked him if it was Joe Haggerty).
  • Here is a tweet from Mitch Melnick of TSN 690 during the Brandon Prust/Shawn Thornton fight: There's a guy sitting next to me in press box "Cmon Shawn, Fu--in hit him already! Fu--in hit him!" Where's @KnucklesNilan30?
  • That third was awful unless you really like stress or frustration. The Habs were skating in mud and couldn't clear the zone for minutes and minutes on end. The Bruins were relentless, yet scored no goals. No Habs fans could exhale. No Bruins fans could exhale. Everybody was purple in the face.
  • Okay now that the gross stuff is out of the way.
  • How proud are we of this team? Third game in four nights and what do the Habs do? Pick up the division lead. No big.
  • And yes, I said that third was awful but the exhausted Habs did make a bunch of smart defensive plays. But most of all, the Habs had Carey Price.
  • Carey. Price. There is no square footage left in Montreal on which to erect more statues of him.
  • Hee hee, erect.
  • This. Team. Finding ways to win, even when they don't deserve to.
  • George Parros scoring chance! It was like a unicorn.
  • Douglas Murray killing the first Max Pacioretty penalty was the best I've seen him play as a Habs.
  • Nothing feels better than beating the Bruins.
  • EOTP Third Star: Robert Rice with "Excuse me, I was promised a Montreal-Boston game, not Montreal and Boston reenacting Monday's game with NJ."
  • EOTP Second Star: Stephan Cooper with "Lucic being friends with Gallagher makes me feel a little strange. Like the Bruins are human beings rather than objects of disgust."
  • EOTP First Star: Carey Price
  • On to the Buffalo Sabres. Those of us who don't have to watch that game can rejoice. The Habs can use it to rest some guys, maybe? As for me, my brain has turned into molasses and I must go recover from this dumb cold.