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Canadiens vs Devils Top Six Minutes - I... Um... What? Edition

This game defies explanation, but the Canadiens beat the Devils in a shootout.

Al Bello

  • So I wrote most of this Top Six before this game turned exciting so I'm leaving in the first bullet point because I had to erase most of the rest and blank pages stress me out.
  • So half-way through the third, I wrote: a home-and-home with New Jersey? Who in Saku's name came up with that idea? Is the NHL suffering from a Too Many Fans problem and therefore needs to get rid of a few? OH MY GOD. AT LEAST BREAK IT UP WITH LIKE A TAMPA GAME OR SOMETHING.
  • So I said that. Hahahaha.
  • Per media by-laws, I must spend 75 per cent of this piece talking about Reid Boucher and the other 25 per cent talking about Subban's ugly turnover.
  • Luckily, this is a space in which we can talk about whatever the hell we want, so I'm not going to discuss either, because tired narratives done to death, etc. GOD I love blogging.
  • Anyway. Montreal played like a bunch of idiots, and the only reason they didn't find themselves down like 5-1 after playing like that is because they were playing against the Devils. Luckily as the Devils got tired, they started playing like idiots as well, which resulted in a million goals in four minutes. Then a hilarious overtime and a shootout win.
  • Two points the Habs did not deserve. Four points the Habs did not deserve. Thanks, New Jersey.
  • So yeah, maybe never play like that again, Habs.
  • Brian Wilde tweeted that the Habs are the only team in the league with a Top-5 power play and a Top-5 penalty kill. How about that.
  • That Brandon Prust upper cut. I could watch that all day.
  • Fun fact: Michael Ryder has scored 100 per cent of his NHL goals against the Habs. Even when he was on the Habs.
  • I checked the Extra Skater for this game during the third and the site laughed at me.
  • Were any of you watching on TSN? I don't know if RDS has the same problem but at some point in the broadcast it went into standard def and... yikes. How did we ever watch sports before HD?
  • Used to be when Markov had a bad game, the Habs would have a bad game. Now it's more like when either Markov or Subban have a bad game, the Habs have a bad game.
  • Did you see P.K. Subban leap onto Peter Budaj after that win? Translated into English, that leap meant "now I don't have to answer 948983 questions about how I cost us the game."
  • I'm tired of whining about Francis Boullion.
  • Rene Bourque compliment of the night: this is getting hard with him missing so many games but... um... he didn't commit a costly turnover tonight. Yeah. Take that, JD__.
  • EOTP Third Star: Galahadenough with: C'mon, Desharnais couldn't get his stick over the crossbar standing on his tiptoes!
  • EOTP Second Star: HFX-HabFan with: Get on the bus as fast as you can, and get out of town. Don’t make eye contact with anyone. Just go. Take the two points and run!
  • EOTP First Star: Pinkoir with: tic-tac-no - Wow, we're really putting the word "ass" back into the word "pass."
  • In all honestly, I have no idea how, what, why, or anything else about this game. Let's just take the win and not try to explain it.
  • IS IT TOMORROW YET? Bring on the Big, Bad, Boston Bruins. I hate them so much. And I'm so happy tomorrow is finally here.