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Canadiens vs Leafs Top Six Minutes: Muscle not required Edition

The Habs beat the Leafs on a night that mattered.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

  • Less than a minute in, after the HNIC Leafs' lovers warning not to let the Habs get on the power play, Gunnarson took a stupid penalty. And early Christmas ensued.
  • Everybody was expecting a Parros-Orr rematch. Everybody got it, but it's not like it mattered.
  • Four to zero was fun, eh?
  • After a horrible week for O Canada, nobody screwed up the anthem tonight, but it was an all-Canadian game, but best is that the anthem was all Bell Centre who did an amazing job. En français and English. God shed his grace on thee.
  • Max Pacioretty. P.K. Subban. Carey Price. With an assist. Price with an assist!
  • No mos shaved tomorrow on account of how this Movember shook out. Personal request.
  • Am typing carefully on account of the wine tonight, and respect for you, and what were we talking about? We won, whee!
  • I don't normally watch games on CBC because I'm in the west so don't have as many opportunities to hate CBC as much as everyone in Montreal. But holy shit it doesn't take long. The love for Kessel, Phaneuf and Kadri in a game where they're losing and playing stupid is so misplaced it's embarrassing.
  • Van Riemsdyk touched Price? Looked like it, according to the ref. Leafs still would have lost.
  • Alex Galchenyuk (or as CBC calls him, Gal-che-nee-uk) was benched in the third after taking a really bad penalty that he even knew he shouldn't have taken. I'm okay with this and let's have it be a learning experience and Therrien still thinks he's a great kid so let's not make anything of this, yeah. We won.
  • Parros also sat out the third, but it was okay because after challenging an unwilling Orr then beating him in the second, and then not sucking in general in the rest of the game, he earned his paycheque tonight.
  • Not disagreeing with any of Therrien's coaching as of late, how about you?
  • Habs won
  • Leafs lost
  • Let's all take a minute to remember P.K.'s pass to Pacioretty on the P.P.
  • Whoever thinks P.K. Subban is "too risky" to be on Team Canada is a $#%)_(*^$*&$(*&. Also, stupid.
  • We were all deflated after Alexei Emelin's penalty in the 2nd and were ensuingly treated to a STUPID ENTERTAINING few minutes that made the hairs on my arm stand up.
  • Also, Stephane Waite was featured before the game talking about Carey and Peter, and how we can get a Cup under them.
  • Nothing can ruin today.
  • Kessel fell all over the place, Brendan "No Quit" Gallagher was a royal pain in the Leaf's ass and HNIC's hopes got up just to get shot down and like I said, perfect day.
  • After ensuring both George Parros and Douglas Murray being in the lineup in anticipation of a Leafs' Bruins' impression, we beat them. With skills and brains. Hockey, yo.
  • Boston won, so it's not a PERFECT day but we've got them next Thursday for the first time, and five games in the in the next eight days. Best situation to be going into them.