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Friday Habs Links - Bergevin on the hot seat.

Your daily recap of news & links.


Montreal Canadiens News

-Brian Wilde was on the radio yesterday, and served up a truth sandwich in regards to Bergevin's moves so far. During the podcast he also cleared up that David Fischer was not who Timmins wanted to pick in the 2006 draft.

-The Habs lost another incredibly frustrating game to the Sens. Take a look at Laura's notes here.

- Robin Lehner's crazy eyes were on display in the third period last night.

- Marc Denis chimed in with a fresh take on the Subban situation. (French)

- Impending UFA Andrei Markov has dumped his current representation, super agent Don Meehan.

- Marc Bergevin might be the most stressed man in North America. It showed last night.

- CBC seems to be convinced that Subban will be on Team Canada, airing a short interview with the reigning Norris winner, discussing his role & hopes in the upcoming Olympics. Watch the video here.

Other news and notes from around the league:

- The Attendance Report is out. Surprisingly it's the Edmonton Oilers and not the Ottawa Senators that rank the lowest among Canadian teams in the early season attendance numbers. Montreal was ranked 2nd overall, behind the Chicago Blackhawks.

- How should we judge goalies? How much can we read into streak? The (Many) Trouble(s) with evaluating goaltenders. [via LightHouse Hockey].

-Looking back 21 years at the candidates for the Ottawa's first GM job. What if the Sens made a different choice? [via Silver Seven]

- There was a highlight reel goal in Detroit, but this time it wasn't Pavel Datsyuk. Watch Jamie Benn dangle his way to a beautiful goal.

- Wait, did I someone say Datsyuk? He responded to Benn's goal in typical Datsyukian fashion. [via SB Nation NHL]

- Roberto Luongo was a victim of another weird goal, this time courtesy of Joe Thornton.

- Jesse Winchester set a date with Brendan Shanahan. Check out his dirty hit. [via SB Nation NHL]

- Heaven has been located, and it's in the Yukon. Take a look at some footage shot on the most pristine ice you will ever see.

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