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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes - Those Bleeping Bleepers Again Edition

The things that happened in tonight's game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators. All of which were annoying.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

• I'm getting really annoyed with the Habs for constantly outplaying the Senators and then losing the games because it makes Senators fans think their team is better. It's not. Sens fans. They're going to be so insufferable.
• I coulda done without all those stupid defensive breakdowns and dumb penalties, though.
• Even CBC keeps asking why Therrien isn't playing P.K. Subban on the penalty kill. That's how you know PJ Stock isn't working the game, because nobody on the broadcast said it's because everyone hates him.
• Still, Subban played almost as many minutes as Andrei Markov, and he played more than 27. I think maybe our screeching about Therrien is working.
• Losing to the Senators has replaced losing to the Bruins in the "end of the world" department.
• I hate those guys. I hate Jason Spezza, I hate Erik Karlsson, I hate Robin Lehner, everyone hates Chris Neil, and now I hate Bobby Ryan. And all those other stupid guys on this stupid team.
• We need to talk about how much we love Andrei Markov.
• Legitimate concern: Chris Neil killing and eating Brendan Gallagher.
• Is it gauche to have left that in there after his injury? I mean he came back... and looked like he`s going to be okay...
• Is it just me or does Gallagher get extra fired up against gross, disgusting, teams such as the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators?
George Parros is a wonderful and intelligent human being but he is not a good NHL player.
• I saw someone tweet that P.K. Subban being paired with Francis Boullion was evidence that Therrien really hates P.K. Maybe it's just evidence that he wants Francis Boullion to get a treat once in a while?
• I have decided to say something nice about Rene Bourque in every Top Six Minutes specifically for JD_. Unfortunately the only praise I have for him this evening is that he's purdy. Still. This is a new Top Six Minutes tradition. Whenever I'm writing it, at least.
• The penalty kill is not atrocious anymore. This should be cause for celebrating.
• Montreal had 34 shots to Ottawa's 24. The shot attempts were horrifically lopsided in favour of the Habs as well. And they lost. ARGH WHY IS THIS ALWAYS HAPPENING?
• So for the first half of the third, the Ottawa Senators were being murdered by your Montreal Canadiens, and yet no goals... ARGH WHY IS THIS ALWAYS HAPPENING?
• Not so great for the second half of that third period. It wasn't at dumpster fire levels, but someone just lit a match around some tires.
• Repeat after me: Thank Koivu it's a long season, thank Koivu it's a long season, thank Koivu it's a long season, thank Koivu it's a long season...
• Okay. The sky is not falling, but this ship has veered off course, and this ship needs to be righted, you guys. This lack of intensity is concerning in early November, but if it goes on too long, it'll be as big of a problem as we currently say it is. I know there was a lot of bad luck tonight, but I can't help but feel if the Habs played the second and third like they did in the opening five minutes, they coulda routed this team instead of losing... 4-1... sigh.
• This team is good. How many more games is it going to throw away by sleepwalking?
• Your three stars of the night: This, three times. Because seriously. Argh. (Also, there wasn't a lot of rec-ing and I understand that during a frustrating game like this one, so the one I picked really does sum up our feelings on that team.)

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