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Wednesday Habs Links - Desharnais sits, same result

Your collection of links for this morning

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Montreal Canadiens News

The Canadiens lost last night, garnering the "loser point" after a shoot-out against the St. Louis Blues and Jaroslav Halak. On a night when Carey Price was awarded the Molson Cup for October, coincidentally on a night the Habs played the Blues ... I don't need to see this movie again. Still, despite the loss, Carey was spectacular.

Eric Engels wonders why P.K. Subban wasn't used very much last night, and ponders if fans are able to get a satisfying answer.

David Desharnais, as is now widely known, sat this game out - his first benching of the season, some would also argue, a long-overdue one. He's taking it in stride, as you'll read in Dave Stubbs's piece in the Gazette.

It's interesting that the long-overdue, no-brainer Desharnais benching should be such a topic du jour - I mean, only if you don't live in Quebec. Kyle Roussel at Cowhide and Rubber wrote an interesting piece on the continued decline of Desharnais and the organization's last-ditch motivation for him.

Elsewhere in the NHL

Everyone's still talking debating about fighting, Ray Emery and his penalized but otherwise undisciplined behaviour last Friday. Shanaban doesn't like it, either.

Even though it's tiring, having two good goalies is not a bad problem to have, and now it's Toronto's turn to endure the good ol' goalie controversy.

Chris Chelios will enter the NHL Hall of Fame next week. Did you know he almost never even played in the NHL?

Jason Arnott hasn't played since before the lockout, but he's now officially retiring from the NHL.

The Sharks lost last night, even though they actually won the game in overtime and no one noticed.

For all the fellas contemplating moustache styles this month of Movember, go check out the Greatest Mustache Gallery Ever at Men's Fitness.

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