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Monday Habs Links - Michel Therrien drags P.K. Subban through the dirt again

Monday's open discussion thread, which is likely going to be about what almost everyone is talking about, P.K. Subban's relationship with Michel Therrien.

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Roster News

Michael Blunden was sent down to Hamilton after the game in Colorado, and Martin St. Pierre was called up to replace him. Though with Travis Moen supposed to be back from injury, it's unclear if he'll play.

Here's a profile on St. Pierre by the Bulldogs from August.

Montreal Canadiens Links

The way Michel Therrien talks about P.K. Subban has become topic number one in Montreal, and as Sean Gordon notes, the lack of support from his coach isn't helping his Olympic bid.

Sticking with that topic, Brian Wilde writes about how Subban's relationship with Therrien and the criticism he faces changing his demeanor with media, and while that's to be expected, it's also sad.

Ted Bird believes that subtle racism may have something to do with the criticism Subban receives in some corners.

Marc-Antoine Godin writes about a better Subban relationship, the one he has with his father.

Stu Cowen takes us to lighter topics, making the case that Guy Lapointe's 5 should be in the rafters of the Bell Centre.

Our friend Matthew Macaskill looks into how the Habs are trying to build Patrick Holland into an NHL player.

NHL Stories

In reaction to the recent incidents involving fights and fighters, Ken Dryden believes that the case for fighting in hockey is only getting weaker.

Krys Barch is a terrible hockey player, and a bit of a douche, but he pulled his own tooth out and threw it to a fan. I don't know if that changes anything, it's mostly just gross.

Sean McIndoe (Downgoesbrown) looks at the coaches that are on the hotseat early in the year, and Michel Therrien isn't one.

Craig Anderson left the game in Ottawa yesterday afternoon on a stretcher, but was conscious and alert.

Brent Burns is chewbacca no more, as he shaved off his giant caveman look to raise $23K for charity.

John Scott is a pathetic piece of garbage and is pretending Pierre McGuire is the reason his hit on Loui Eriksson was dirty.

Gary Bettman might be changing the NHL's rulebook after the crap that Ray Emery pulled in Philadelphia. Looks like Scott Matla had the right of it when he suggested it needed to happen.

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