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Canadiens vs Avalanche - Top Six Minutes - Habs drop their second straight

Everything sucks.

Doug Pensinger

  • Can't tell you how excited I was to watch two back-to-back games this weekend at sort-of decent times for the west coast.
  • Coincidentally, this weekend sucked.
  • Parros got a lot of ice time tonight. What happened to everyone's prediction that he'd get five, six minutes tops per game this season? Oh jesus, he only had four minutes?
  • Am perusing the latest headlines. "Av-ing Quite the Time" is currently my LEAST FAVOURITE.
  • I signed up to write this recap a long time before I knew I would be having a lot of wine tonight so ... sorry.
  • Parros' second night back since knocking himself the eff out in Game 1 of the season, and when he fought Bordeleau and went down in the 1st I felt ill, until I saw him skate his bare-lipped self into the box.
  • No goals in the first period and I felt terrific, just because we weren't down.
  • Weird to not have anything Don Cherry said to complain about during the break. Thank you, west coast time.
  • PK was a minus-3 on the night and he'll never make Team Canada now not that he was ever going to. Because, Montreal media.
  • Can we talk about the SICK pass he made to Galchenyuk in the third? Oh my god. I don't care, if he doesn't make Team Canada, I will break EVERYTHING.
  • Also, the whole brouhaha about Roy "playing the Habs" for the first time also made me sick. And made me expect Roy to do something to make himself the centre of attention which he didn't and I am weirdly disappointed/relieved/drunk.
  • Leafs lost and Bruins lost! Whee! *Drinks* (would have anyway)
  • This is more than six minutes.
  • What if every hooking on Patch had been called? Would tonight have been different? Would my aunt be a pool table if her coat had more pockets?
  • Gally's goal in the third gave my dog a heart attack. It was the only heart attack she would have tonight.
  • The good: The Kid Line. Is that what we're calling them? The bad: Let's not.
  • Oh, ONE MORE GOOD: DD got benched! What the!
  • Too late, but whatever.
  • Therrien dissing P.K.'s coverage on the second goal will give Montreal's media breakfast, lunch and dinner all week next week. Book it.
  • Colorado's goddamned 12 and one. Under Roy. Which should provide for dessert and snack time, just saying.
  • The game was lost after O'Reilly scored unassisted after my third Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Halak and the Blues come to Montreal on Tuesday and my tweets are going to write themselves which they always do anyway.

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