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Canadiens vs Sabres Top Six Minutes - Blah-ffalo Edition

The Habs won. The Sabres lost. Andrei Markov is great. All hail Andrei Markov.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

  • I don't have all that much to say about this game, so this is a short Top Six Minutes that includes audience participation. It was pretty predicatable. Buffalo is not very good, so they didn't win. The Habs are better than the Sabres, so they beat them. Nothing all that interesting happened.
  • The Buffalo Sabres thirds look like someone took a Nashville Predators practice jersey, threw up on it, and then tried to cover up what they did with duct tape.
  • Where once was a Jason Pominville now stands a Matt Moulson. Stupid Habkillers, I hate them. I am pretty sure those two have never played against the Habs without scoring a goal.
  • Speaking of Moulson, Emelin BOOM.
  • Max Pacioretty skating around without a helmet for a shift is legitimately terrifying.
  • What the hell was that Stafford hit on P.K. Subban?
  • Why is John Scott?
  • This game wasn't all that interesting, but it's nice to see a Canadiens-Sabres game that didn't end with an inexplicable shootout or one-goal loss for the better team.
  • The David Desharnais is working again.
  • I would like us to talk about our Andrei Markov feelings again. This needs to be a regular thing.
  • Like the Rene Bourque Compliment, for JD__. Um... I bet he held the door for a nice old lady at some point in his life one time. All I got. Next time, for real.
  • According to the MSG broadcast, the Sabres are 119-102-37 all-time against the Habs, their most wins against any franchise.
  • And only 118 of those wins were inexplicable shootout wins after being comically outshot by the Habs!
  • I solicited some Twitter opinions on this game, because I didn't have much to say about it other than "Habs rule, Sabres drool."
  • Friend of EOTP BookOfLoob: David Desharnais is an offensive juggernaut.
  • Our own Robert RiceDD got PP points on the road, I fear a grand reckoning is upon us.
  • My good friend, DBlye said he followed the game on his phone, ate a delicious cheeseburger, and didn't feel like he missed anything.
  • DarthAlexander9: It was slighty more entertaining than a visit to the dentist.
  • Sabres blogger MacKintosh Barker: Stop trying to make that third jersey happen. It's not going to happen. (Sidebar: there are some really lovely Sabres fans and now I am sad because they have to cheer for the Sabres.)
  • Good friend fouthlinewing: Watching John Scott trying to play hockey when he's on your team should be banned by the Geneva Convention #cruelandunusual
  • EOTP third star: gary7896 on the picture of bloody Douglas Murray after his fight with John Scott: "He looks like the Minnesota Wild logo."
  • EOTP second star: Lats with: Is this game being played in Vancouver? It is about as quiet as Rogers arena.
  • EOTP first star: our own Marc with: Moulson got Emelinated.

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