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Wednesday Habs Links: Reaction to NHL broadcasting rights deal

The Habs play in Buffalo tonight, but all anyone can keep talking about is where exactly they're going to be getting their hockey from next season.

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Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Montreal Canadiens Links

In "News that makes my head explode" the gossip du jour involves trading Max Pacioretty - this is hot, hot gossip, but TSN's Bob McKenzie asserts that his name is only in play, he is NOT being shopped. If any single facet of this rumour in any way comes true, I will scream. Everyone can just shut up now.

Rene Bourque has been cleared to play but will not be in the lineup against the Sabres tonight.

Is this Habs news? It was a slow day Canadiens-wise.

Around the league

The Shot Quality Project focuses on shooters and not goaltenders in Chris Boyle's piece on Sportsnet, the subject this time is Alexander Ovechkin.

Also, Joffrey Lupul is injured again, the Sens are trying new things and Zach Parise is hurt, too.

Other news involving the NHL

Understatement headline of the season. The major chatter, of course, of Tuesday had to do with Rogers' Sportsnet's coup in obtaining a mammoth contract with the NHL for broadcast rights. Check out this comprehensive piece if you want to see creepy pictures of Gary Bettman yes I know there is no other kind.

Putting a "winning" spin on the news, CBC Sports had this "partnership" piece detailing how they sold their soul to the devil and only got this crappy tee shirt to show for it. "I'm with the Devil - I'm with Stupid."

Sportsnet itself had its triumphant piece on the deal on Tuesday, complete with glitchy video with creepy intro of Gary Bettman by Keith Pelley. How ironic that this landmark news is delivered on a crappy feed.

Who else is happy? TVA Sports. Who?

Don Cherry doesn't know what's going on. All the jokes. I don't have enough time.

If you still don't know how you're going to watch all the Habs games, join the club. Only option out west is RDS; and this makes it look like I'm going to have to buy another channel, which of course I will.

There is other news around the NHL, actually, and it isn't small either but buried in the other news avalanche. The issue of concussions sustained in the only professional sport outside of boxing and MMA that allows fighting, is finally culminating in a class-action lawsuit involving 10 retired players including one former, brief Hab.

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