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Canadiens vs Penguins: Best Week Ever Edition

Montreal hung on for their second straight 3-2 win over a top Metropolitan Division team. The Habs have now won three straight, and leapfrogged Detroit for the top wild card position.

Richard Wolowicz
  • Max Pacioretty, everyone! Good night!
  • P.K. Subban, too. Can we just run a loop of P.K. playing defense of Malkin's rushes and Crosby's forechecks? It's artwork.
  • At the time of this writing, Bell Centre crews are entering the Bell Centre rafters in an attempt to rescue Josh Gorges after his run in with Sid the Kid. Reports of a total nervous breakdown are as of yet unconfirmed.
  • Tanner Glass is probably still wincing, too. Can P.K. go a single game without making someone on the other team wish that they didn't have to kill penalties anymore? That slapper is a violent crime.
  • Can it be #PaciorettyWeek every week?
  • To no one's surprise, Carey Price is as calm, cool, and collected as ever. The man made a pad save with Evgeni Malkin sitting on him.
  • Speaking of Malkin, isn't he supposed to save that end-to-end rush for Tampa Bay?
  • Of course, how could he resist taking advantage of the greatest parity-creating tool in the entire NHL? Michel Therrien putting the fourth line and the third pairing on the ice late in the game makes any game seem close.
  • On the bright side, P.K.'s been on the ice late game two nights in a row! Progress!
  • Speaking of Pernell, watching he and Markov maneuvre the powerplay is a thing of beauty.
  • Watching a Montreal powerplay go from first wave to second wave and back again in the same two minute span is like watching the seasons change before our eyes.
  • Peter Budaj! The man is batting .800 in his last fifteen games, and then goes ahead and tops it off by gaming Sidney Crosby from a folding chair.
  • Shoutout to Brian Gionta for another night of yeoman's work. The man is highly underrated.
  • Shoutout to Tomas Plekanec for a night of 76% in the faceoff circles.
  • Wolverine put eighteen shots on net this week. That's not even shot attempts - he hit the net eighteen times!
  • And lastly, on a night in which there was a dearth of rec'ing, our three stars:

Third Star goes to commenter, .____., for standing up for the Penguins:

Second Star is arbitrarily awarded to Marc Dumont for his apt use of a simile in describing Subban's defence:

"Subban is all over Crosby and Malkin like Guillaume Latendresse at a 24 hour Las Vegas buffet."

And First Star goes to one Max Pacioretty, because who else would it go to.

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