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Dive Files: October's best

The first month of NHL hockey yielded a large crop of Oscar-worthy candidates.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As part of an ongoing exposé, we've been keeping tabs on the best of the worst in the world of embellishment. Hover over the GIFs to make them start.

Take a minute and enjoy the recap of the most noteworthy flops, dives and theatrics in the last month of NHL action.

1. The Night JvR almost died

I hesitated to put this one on the list, because it's apparent that JvR suffered a major laceration of the leg. In a cutting-edge surgery that the Leafs kept under wraps, surgeons managed to re-attach JvR's tendons. They did such a great job that he didn't miss any NHL action.

2. Scumbag Roussel

Even William Shatner thinks Roussel needs to tone down his acting. The worst part is that Antoine Roussel is a repeat offender.

3. Drew Doughty gets hit with an invisible anvil.

First of all I didn't know ACME had managed to perfect their invisibility cloaks, and it's even stranger that they installed one on an anvil and dropped it on Doughty's head, but that seems to be what happened.

4. Couture believes he can fly

Someone's been listening to too much R.Kelly. Spread those wings Logan!

5. The best player in the world

Is it sad or hilarious that Giroux has more dives than goals this year?

6. The Price is Flop.

Price does get bumped, but either he fell into a split-second convulsion (aka to 'Ribeiro'), or he did his best to fool the notoriously dim-witted referees.

7. Krejaxle

I'd like to laugh at this, but I honestly think Krejci is the one who got the last laugh. He's getting paid to play hockey and all the while he's been practicing his true passion, figure skating. Landeskog was penalized on this play for getting in the way of Krejci's triple axel attempt.

By singling out Krejci's jump, we can see he still has to work on his form, but his practice has clearly paid off:


Keep practicing David. Your grace and finesse reminds us of a young Elizabeth Manley. You just need to learn how to stick the landing.

8. If Jeff Petry wrote a rap song, you know exactly what lyrics he'd use.

"....throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care..."

9. Ju must be Jokinen

I'm not sure Jokinen deserved a penalty on this play. He just really, really, really doesn't like being hugged. The Avalanche players need to learn to respect his personal space.

10. If a branch lands on Joffery Lupul in a forest, and no one is around, does he still flop?

Yes. Yes he does.

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