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Canadiens vs Wild - Second Period Thread

A solid period from the Habs yielded no result, but hopefully it's something to build on. hasn't officially recognized that this game has started yet, still showing 20:00 remaining in the 1st first period. Because of this we have no period summary, even though there's not much to summarize anyhow.

We also have no shot count, although RDS says it was 9-7 in favour of the Canadiens, it seemed like a whole hell of a lot more lopsided than that.

Max Pacioretty is on fire to start, but he's still hindered by the persistent problem of David Desharnais, who doesn't seem to know when the puck is on his stick half the time.

The Period ended with Matt Cooke putting a crosscheck into P.K. Subban's lower back, and P.K. reacted quite angrily, throwing Cooke's stick. I'm actually shocked that Subban didn't get a penalty for it, but I guess the refs are letting everything go.

Intermission reading from Eyes On The Prize: