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Canadiens vs Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes - Bad Desharnais Pun Edition

The Canadiens recovered from a bizarre start in Columbus to tie the game at 2 goals apiece. David Desharnais, who played very well in his return from purgatory, scored the lone shootout goal to win the game.

Bruce Bennett

  • No really. Redemption Davey? David Desharyay? David Desharstay? Ugh. I almost used all of those. I hate myself.
  • What a weird first period. The Blue Jackets played in Boston last night and looked quite tired all game, but a couple of obliging defensive breakdowns on the part of the Habs at the beginning of the game (not to mention a couple of Canadiens penalties) had them looking like... well, like anyone looks like facing Douglas Murray.
  • Beautiful arena, Columbus. Beautiful sweaters, Blue Jackets. Ugly hit and ugly face, Nick Foligno.
  • The atmosphere was terrible. I vaguely remember it being good at some point in time.
  • Also, the music at Nationwide Arena wasn't great.
  • I love the NWA cannon. I always hear people complaining about how annoying it is. I think it's awesome.
  • Not awesome? The Columbus Blue Jackets. Poor Columbus fans. I really want that team to do well.
  • After 20 games, what do the Habs look like? The Habs look very average. They're not good enough to stress out about, but they're not bad enough to stress out about. They'll either make the playoffs, or they won't. Eh. They'll either make a playoff run, or pick 11th or 12th in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. Eh. They are very... eh.
  • Seriously, what do the Habs look like right now? Remember last year, when they looked fast, energetic, relentless, and... fun? Right now they just look like chronic underachievers.
  • Anyway, they won, so let's enjoy that and think about the next 62 games later.
  • There was absolutely no reason for Brandon Prust and Jared Boll to fight, so they did.
  • I can't wait for some idiot talking head to suggest that P.K. Subban isn't going to make the Canadian Olympic team because he takes too many penalties.
  • Let's talk about that Alex Galchenyuk goal. Do not look directly at it, it will either blind you or impregnate you.
  • Is it time to talk about what's going on with Max Pacioretty? Is it his injury, or is he out of shape, or is it psychological, or what? Has he just caught apathy from his teammates?
  • David Desharnais almost scored two goals. He played well. And then he won the game. Died laughing.
  • Can the mayor call out Francis Boullion, Douglas Murray, J.J. Daigneault, and Michel Therrien, now?
  • Rene Bourque had a great shot at the end of the third period, JD__.
  • Curtis McElhinney played a very good game. Some of those shots looked like they gave him a heart attack. There were only like, what, four hundred of them?
  • I'm not linking the Extra Skater page for this game because it's cruel.
  • Your three stars: there wasn't much rec'ed, here's one that stood out: In response to Andrew, who said "Subban clears the zone so easy," JonPublic with this: "Murray can do it in one shot. But the refs keep bringing it back."
  • It's almost Emelin day!
  • BOOM.

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