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Win a Habs Domo plush

The Montreal Canadiens are struggling recently, and we need a little levity around here. To do that, we're going to run a contest.

Big Tent’s Entertainment PR team

Have you ever heard of Domo? He's the guy in the picture above, and he's the mascot for Japan's public broadcasting station NHK, and has become a viral sensation across the internet. Now, he's even invaded hockey.

NHK's public relations has set me up with a couple of Domo plush toys to give away in contests, each wearing a Montreal Canadiens shirt. With the holidays around the corner, these would be great little stocking stuffers for young Habs fans, or even if you want one yourself.

Here's how this contest is going down, with a stick tap to Scott Matla for creating it:

The best Sad Pateryn meme will win the contest. What is Sad Pateryn?


This was the first Sad Pateryn meme, created by Scott Matla using the Pateryn photo EOTP has used repeatedly for a year by Joel Auerbach.

You can make your own meme by clicking on this link, publishing, then embedding the image in a comment on this thread. The best Sad Pateryn meme will win a Habs Domo!

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