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Canadiens vs Islanders Top Six Minutes - The EGG Line Is Good For You Edition

The Canadiens finally end a losing streak against the Islanders, beating them 4-2 with the help of Price and the EGG line. Desharnais is still useless.

I love this picture because it looks like Poulin is holding the puck over Eller's head with telekinesis.
I love this picture because it looks like Poulin is holding the puck over Eller's head with telekinesis.
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

  • So here's my thing about that blackface wearing guy. As our own Marc and others pointed out, either this guy was allowed in wearing the blackface makeup, or put it on once he got inside and was allowed to take his seat wearing it, and was not kicked out, to the best of our knowledge. There are ushers at the entrance of every section and security roaming the building. Which leads me to be concerned that nobody at the Bell Centre knew this was wrong, or knew and didn't care because he had paid for a ticket. Either way, I feel gross and this is embarrassing for all of us.
  • Kevin Poulin is the adorablest, isn't he?
  • That penalty kill in the first... Ryan White and Tomas Plekanec especially... applause. Ryan White has been really amazing on the penalty kill as of late.
  • That Brendan Gallagher goal is why everyone (other than Habs fans) hates him, right?
  • That Price save.
  • That other Price save.
  • Okay no really that Carey Price save on Kyle Okposo... can we marry it?
  • Stupid penalties ashfjsfklsjhfdkjhfjhdjkdlskjajsdsklaksjslkslfffghkgf
  • Now is a good time to be annoying and remind everyone that even though Lars Eller scored for the first time in 13 games, he was still awesome and amazing the whole time.
  • Let's build a Michael Bournival statue.
  • The Habs did not have a disastrous second period. Is there a full moon?
  • Loan David Desharnais to Lausanne or something. Or kidnap him and keep him in a basement for the rest of his contract. I hate him I hate him I hate him make him go away.
  • That Alex Galchenyuk goal is an example of how terrifying the EGG line is. Let's talk about it all day tomorrow.
  • I can't get enough of him kissing his Habs jersey in his goal celebration.
  • Oh, right, what is a kicking motion, can someone explain?
  • That was one out-of-tune Ole chant, did anyone notice?
  • I am so happy Max Pacioretty is back.
  • Alright. Now for the Debby Downer part. This was a win, but it was not an encouraging win. Both teams played pretty badly, both had shoddy defensive play, the Isles just had shoddier D and a worse penalty kill.
  • If I'm interpreting the fancy numbers on this game correctly, the teams were pretty even when the score was close, but overall at even strength the Isles were playing better than the Habs. What I'm basically saying is that the Isles' ineptitude with a man down is what cost them the game. This could easily have gone the other way. Sorry.
  • I mean, it's okay to be happy that the Habs won, and the goals in this game were gorgeous and pretty and lovely, but the result masked the fact that Michel Therrien is still pretty annoying and that the Habs still need to play a lot better.
  • Alright, three stars time: 3rd star: whoever called it an Egg Trick first, I don't want to misattribute, but I think it was alex_icon, correct me if I'm wrong. 2nd star: David_Murray on the Eller line: "I hope Therrien never scrambles this line." 1st star: It couldn't possibly be anything other than our own Marc with THE FLYING V, HABS STYLE, you guys.

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