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Canadiens vs Wild: Top Six Minutes - Out-Coached Edition

Let us never speak of the 4th line again.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

  • Alex Galchenyuk's hands are softer than a David Desharnais forecheck. Gallagher scored the first goal of the game, but it was all Galchenyuk.
  • George Parros looks like a gigantic teenager without his beard, and he wants your lunch money.
  • Montreal probably should have won that game, check the Fenwick chart
  • Bournival's father did some commentary on RDS. For most hockey dads that would be the pinnacle of their fatherhood.
  • Douglas Murray is still very, very, very slow. At one point we'll stop being surprised at how ridiculously close to being inert that he is, but we haven't reached that point quite yet.
  • Jason Pominville scored, RDS celebrated. Habs fans sighed.
  • Josh Harding is a hell of a man. He kept Minnesota in the game during the second period where Montreal out-shot the Wild 13-6.
  • Subban's shot selection in the first wasn't ideal. He sent a lot of rubber towards the net, but more often than not there was little to no traffic in front of Harding.
  • The 4th line was the hockey equivalent of a wet fart. They were on the ice for three goals against and made me long for the days of Dagenais. I would rather rip my toenails out with pliers than watch Blunden, Parros and White play together again.
  • Parros and Murray should never be on the ice together.
  • Never.
  • Ever.
  • The Minny broadcast team is incapable of pronouncing any name properly.
  • Ray Emery is a dirtbag. That has nothing to do with this game, but I thought you should know.
  • P.K. Subban ended a 4 game point drought. How high are the expectations on a d-man when 4 games is considered a point drought? He scored on one of his patented rockets (Funded by NASA)
  • Connor McKenna noticed Bergevin showing some sings of frustration regarding Desharnais.
  • Pominville scored the game winner, and the RDS studios went up in flames due to spontaneous combustion.
  • Therrien used the 4th line way too often, and during way too many defensive zone faceoffs.
  • He uses Bouillon in way too many important scenarios.
  • Nights like tonight make me question Therrien's hockey IQ.
  • Good thing Michel saved his time out, maybe the NHL will give us two next game.
  • The next game is tomorrow night vs the Colorado Avalanche. I can already hear the narratives from here. "How big of an error did the Habs make by not hiring Patrick Roy for coach, hockey VP and master of the universe?"
  • Check out the NHL boxscore here.
  • Friday games suck and so does Philadelphia.
Some post game comments from one of the best follows on twitter:@habsgirl4life
Can we go ahead and make Subban the captain already? No offense to Gionta, but Subban is overflowing with leadership.

Everyone should be disappointed in how Therrien handled that game.

Very insightful comments from the coach. It seems as if he's confused as to why that line struggled.

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