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Wednesday Habs Links - Habs two-for-two so far

Your collection of links for Wednesday

Richard Wolowicz
Roster news

Max Pacioretty could be back in action as soon as Friday against Minnesota.

Patrick Holland was sent back to the AHL, possibly because Max is ready.

Montreal Canadiens News and Analysis

Two in a row and two nights in a row, y'all.

See and hear Michel Therrien last night on the Habs' win against the Dallas Stars, and regarding Douglas Murray.

Go and look at our sister site's Defending Big D's perspective on last night's Dallas loss.

Erik Cole would have liked to stay in Montreal, writes Marc-Antoine Godin. Then Cole refused to talk to media after last night's loss, so maybe not.

Bob McKenzie noted on Insider Trading that Alexei Emelin could be signed to an extension very soon.

General News and Analysis

Jaromir Jagr has played for 97 seasons in the NHL and broke a record on Tuesday ni... never mind.

Didn't stop In Lou We Trust from lovin' them some Jagr.

When I switched over to the 21 Jeopardy episodes I have on my PVR on Tuesday, I thought the Chicago Blackhawks had let me down in their game against the Ottawa Senators. Checked later and I was wrong. Thanks, Chi-town.

Check out Chris Boyle's second part of the Shot Quality Project on, and if you missed the first part, here you go.

How do players value zone entries as a statistic? Justin Bourne looks into it.

Friedman's 30 thoughts needs no introduction.

The Habs play next in Minnesota on Friday at 8pm EST, which does nothing to appease westerners craving a palatable schedule - until Saturday's game in Colorado.

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