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The EOTP Movember Movement

Home to the finest Movember team in all the land...

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

As you may or may not be aware, for the previous two Novembers I have organized a team at to raise awareness about Men's prostate and testicular cancer and with the intent of raising funds towards medical research to treat these diseases and give support towards those suffering from it.

This is where you, our loyal readers, come into play. This year, Ribinsoin's Rebels shall be filled by representatives of Eyes on the Prize, several of our staff have already pledged their faces to the cause and we shall be posting weekly updates here on our moustaches for your general amusement as we feel some of them will be more hilarious than manly. We would ask your support in spreading information about the cause, donating to our team or even if you feel so bold, joining the valiant Ribinsoin's Rebels and pledging your face to the campaign. Anyone who joins can remain anonymous about posting their own moustache updates and privately raise among their friends, family and co-workers if you are the more private type of course. The end-game here is to help the cause out, not to inconvenience anyone's privacy.

Regardless of your commitment, we would ask that you help make Movember successful in its goals for this year and that you keep in mind you can make me walk around this like for a whole month and get mocked at work for having a 70's Porn Star duster.


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