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Canadiens vs Stars Top Six Minutes - We'll Take It And Rejoice Edition

The Montreal Canadiens beat the Dallas Stars 2-1 but people went crazy because Carey Price let in a questionable goal and reasonable humans pointed out that it was a questionable goal and that is not allowed in Montreal.

Richard Wolowicz

  • Okay, so that was an uninteresting win, but it was a win, and we will take it and rejoice. The game wasn't exactly boring, I thought it was pretty exciting in terms of chances and stuff, but it wasn't very... remarkable.
  • A thing to rejoice in: Raphael Diaz had a good game.
  • Louis Leblanc stepped the hell up, and Ryan White had another extremely decent night. More rejoicing.
  • What kind of a grown man goes by the name "Jordie"?
  • Also, where was Jamie, was he playing tonight?
  • Tyler Seguin was forgotten in Buffalo, yes? Do they have strip clubs in Buffalo?
  • Erik Cole was a non-factor.
  • Douglas Murray? Not a bad game, penalty notwithstanding, by which I mean he didn't cause too many problems. He didn't really add anything, though. I liked him tonight, which just goes to show that the bar is very low. Rejoice. In his lack of failure.
  • Douglas Murray's general deployment? Okay yeah now we pause in our rejoicing. It is the last minute of a game and the Habs are protecting a one-goal lead and why in Bobby Orr's name is Murray on the ice instead of P.K. Subban?
  • You know, I was going to say that about Francis Boullion in the third and the second I thought that he cleared the puck from right in Carey's crease so I shut up.
  • By my count, the Habs missed 3857893238738 open nets this evening.
  • Tomas Plekanec is a two-way god.
  • This is a horrible thing to say but I don't miss Danny Briere at all.
  • Rene Bourque has come a long way since we fixed him. We're working on David Desharnais and the D-coaching.
  • It just hit me. Do you know why I keep wanting to use the word 'rejoice'? The Christmas green in the Dallas Stars uniforms.
  • The Dallas Stars are far better than I expected them to be. I kind of forgot about the personnel and coaching changes. Miles better than I expected them to be.
  • You guys. I don't think we're ready for how good Alex Galchenyuk is going to be. We aren't. We need to get working on it. Because we might not be able to handle it.
  • We need to talk about Carey Price for a second. That goal he let in... it wasn't the worst goal in the world, but he was caught a little unawares. Awake Carey would have saved that for sure. But here's the thing: IT IS PERFECTLY OKAY TO SAY HE SHOULD OR COULD HAVE HAD THAT IT DOESN'T NEED TO TURN INTO A HUGE THING, OKAY, INTERNET? Here's what normally happens whenever Carey Price lets in a goal he is more than capable of preventing: 1. People say it wasn't a great goal. 2. Price defenders take out their pitchforks. 3. Price haters grab their torches. 4. The world ends. Every. Fucking. Time. Nobody is perfect and sometimes Carey Price has lapses and it's perfectly okay to say that and it's also perfectly okay to still feel confident about him being in net. He's had a great start to the season. Let's try not to be idiots about every goal he lets in, bad goal or otherwise.
  • Do you think Alex Chiasson's 52 family members and friends that were at the Bell Centre care that he didn't score? Imagine seeing someone you love play even a 15-second shift on NHL ice. How proud would you be?
  • Three stars of the night: only the third period comments would load on my crappy computer, which is better than when no comments will load on this computer, so here goes: 3rd star: This did not get a rec but I picked it because I liked it the best: Chief's North with a trade proposal. 2nd star: JonPublic on chess moves. And your 1st star? Matt. Ost sums up the fourth line. Thank you for your patience. If you'd like to chip in to buy me a new computer, that could work.

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