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Scaring children on Halloween for a good cause

Every October, frequent commenter JD_ transforms his Montreal home into a horror show, frightening children and taking donations for the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.


Frequent EOTP commenter JD_ loves Halloween. He loves it so much, that every October he slaves away in his garage to make and assemble a gargantuan display in front of his Montreal home by hand. He's been doing it for years, and it gets bigger and better every year.

This is a chance for our community to do something good, which we seem to be pretty good at when asked to do so before. All he asks us for, is a small donation to the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation, to make Halloween more than just a sugar binge.

You can donate $5 through your mobile phone by texting "HABS" to 45678.

Check out the gallery of this year's epic display below:

The Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation provides help and support to children in need. Since its inception in August 2000, the Foundation has donated upwards of $16 million to more than 500 charitable endeavours across the province of Quebec. The Foundation is determined, more than ever, to help offer a brighter future and good health to underprivileged children and is committed to encourage and foster a healthy and active lifestyle among youth.

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