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Canadiens vs Sharks - Top Six Minutes: Big Bird Edition

Habs seemed to be playing relatively well but ran into a top team playing to the best of their abilities. Beyond their talent, San Jose plays such a well structured and disciplined game. But they had the good sense to go to Sesame Street for a D coach.

Richard Wolowicz

- I don't know what Chris Boyle will say on the matter but I don't think we have anything to complain about how Carey Price is playing recently. I refuse to count a crazy bounce on a dump in against him.

Sharks are so good they can stop P.K. Subban in the neutral zone. Think on that, when does that ever happen?

- In general the Sharks are beast in the middle zone. That puck possession dominance is well earned. Sharks look like the product of a consistent core of players with the same coach together for years on end. They seem to be a well oiled machine.

-It might be confirmation bias talking but I thought Eller and Plekanec's lines held up quite well tonight as did the top 4 on defense. At numerous points there were back to back shifts with those 10 holding the puck the whole time past the middle red line. But the bottom six and the Boullion pairing were getting brutalized on zone time.

- Some more PP time would have helped, the one PP the Habs got they were flying out there.

-Joe Thornton is a player, eh? I hope he wins a cup before he's done.

-That the Habs were forced to dump the puck, rather than carry it in, more than they usually do was particularly apparrent.

- I'm pretty sure if the Habs put that effort against an average team they would have come out with the W. Problem with playing a team so far from average.

-On the other hand they got beat off a beauty PP goal (where the Sharks had 4 times the chances) and a wierd bounce, not that terrible.

- Losing Gallagher would suck. Hope he'll be fine.

-I wanted Robinson behind the bench. That will stand up to a fact check.

-God I hate the opportunity cost of signing Boullion, Desharnais and Briere. This team could have been so good.

3 Stars:

3. Scott Matla: Hey Edmonton manages to support two Junior clubs why can’t Utica do an AHL one?

2. Scott Matla: So this happened tonight

1: Dave Murray's Jaws Gif.

I'm doing an impression of great Edmontonian (Nate Fillion) in my halloween costume this week, going as everyone's favourite corporate tool, Captain Hammer. For fun, tell us your halloween plans in the comments.