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Canadiens vs Ducks - Top Six Minutes - Second Homecoming Edition

The Montreal Canadiens defeated a defeated Anaheim Ducks squad 4-1 at the Bell Centre, but the real story was that Saku Koivu came home, possibly for the last time as a player.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
  • This Top Six Minutes is brought to you by Laura Was At The Game And Has Lots Of Feels About It.
  • Alright, let's talk about our Saku Koivu feelings. Because I have a lot of Saku Koivu feelings, and I need to get them out.
  • I know this is crazy. I know that this team has a logjam at centre and a logjam at character and a logjam at old, but I have this secret pipe dream that the Habs will trade for Saku Koivu at the deadline and then they will make the playoffs and make a Stanley Cup run and somehow they will beat the Bostons and the Pittsburghs and the San Joses of this world and Brian Gionta will hand the Cup to Saku first, so that he can lift it in the only sweater that he was ever meant to wear.
  • Shut up. You do, too.
  • That was amazing, that moment before they called the stars and we were all like, "will they? Nah. They will, right?" and then they did, they made him the third star so that he could come out and say goodbye to us one last time and I swear I have never cheered so loud and I only cried as we were leaving the building because I realized that this was most likely goodbye for the last time.
  • Arik: "It almost seems that with how much of character organization the Canadiens are, it was a foregone conclusion that Marc "caractere" Bergervin would be their GM at some point."
  • Arik: "This team just knows how to be classy yet understated. The production staff never disappoint."
  • Arik: "I still remember the Anaheim Ducks' 5-4 OT victory at the Bell Centre in 2012; It's probably not a game I will ever forget. I remember that Max Pacioretty tied the game with only seconds remaining to give the Habs a point, but I only remember all of that because of Saku."
  • Me: If I remember correctly, didn't Saku take a penalty that allowed the Habs to tie that game? I'm remembering that he did. Please don't tell me otherwise, I want to believe he was a Canadien that night.
  • Arik: "He was our captain for 10 years, from the time I was 7 to the time I was 17, so he is really the only captain, besides Brian Gionta, that I have known. I'm gonna save most of my feelings on him for when he eventually - hopefully not soon - retires, but I'm sure many Habs fans feel the same way."
  • Me again (the rest of this Top Six is all me): Saku was the reason I became a hockey fan and a Habs fan. He's basically the captain of my hockey feelings.
  • The game was good from a Habs fan's perspective, but there was one really heartbreaking thing about it. Saku Koivu has slowed down so much, that it was painful to watch.
  • Okay, so Corey Perry. What a fucking douchebag.
  • Okay, so Ryan Getzlaf. Did they forget him in Toronto?
  • Am I the only one who occasionally forgets which one is Cam Fowler, which one is Cam Barker, and which one is Cam Newton? No? Okay, carry on.
  • The Canadiens penalty kill looked amazing against the atrocious Ducks power play. It is not going to be like that against San Jose, Habs fans. Please readjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Andrew pointed this out last game, but sometimes when the Habs get a little hilaribad in their own zone, P.K. Subban gets a look and is all "alright, I'll clear the zone by myself then." And then he does. And then someone screws it up and they get hemmed in again until his next shift.
  • That Plekanec shot got half the women in the Bell Centre pregnant. I was thankfully too far away.
  • I went to the game with my cousin, and every once in a while I would catch him muttering like a senile old man. What was he angrily muttering? "Desharnais." I mean, you gotta laugh.
  • The zone entries were a little bit better this game than the last couple, mainly because there was at least one zone entry this game.
  • I very much liked Nathan Beaulieu and Michael Bournival this game.
  • I very much didn't like people cheap shotting Brendan Gallagher all the time.
  • I saw Alex Galchenyuk make some defensive plays and I was very happy.
  • Lars Eller is so good, you guys. So, so, so good. Spectacular, even.
  • So remember when the Habs traded Ryan O'Byrne and got Michael Bournival?
  • And how they traded Jaroslav Halak and got Lars Eller? I bet Pierre McGuire still doesn't think that was enough.
  • I want Brian Gionta to be part of all the goals because I want him to be part of all the goal celebrations. It's so cute.
  • If you sing "Nanana hey hey hey goodbye" or whatever that song is called at the Bell Centre under any circumstances, you deserve to be tasered immediately and without warning.

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