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Tuesday Morning Warmup - The Habs' first back-to-back

So P.K. Subban is back in the fold, but he's unlikely to play until the weekend. Can the Habs impress for two more games without him?

The Bell Centre is the venue for tonight.
The Bell Centre is the venue for tonight.
Richard Wolowicz

In case you missed it, this guy named P.K. Subban signed with the Habs last night.

That's probably enough to get some conversation going for the morning open thread, but we probably talked about that enough last night. Well, we can never talk enough about Subban, but I'll go on anyway.

Subban likely won't be playing tonight or tomorrow in the upcoming all Canadian back to back set for the Montreal Canadiens, so it's going to be a tough set.

The Habs dominated the Jets and Senators last season, going 7-1-2 against the pair of teams in 10 games, but both teams seem to be a bit stronger this season, and the Habs are without Max Pacioretty.

After a 3 game winning streak what do you expect of the Habs in this back to back? Can they win both games?