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2013 Canadiens Training Camp: 4 Bulldogs invited

As reported by Marc-Antoine Godin there are 4 Bulldogs reporting to Brossard today, so who's in and who's left out?

Richard Wolowicz - Getty Images

Marc-Antoine Godin was first to report that 4 Bulldogs were called up to take physicals and take part in the Canadiens training camp.

There aren't really any surprises in the 4 call ups, but it's a bit surprising to not see Frederic St-Denis up, and you could stretch that and include Nathan Beaulieu as well.

Louis Leblanc is obviously still battling injury in the AHL, so there's not much point in bringing him up right now.

The defensemen are likely called up as a reward for good play for Tinordi, and a promise in signing his tryout for Commodore. The interesting candidate is probably Gabriel Dumont, who may be fighting for a 13th forward spot with a guy like Ryan White.

Brendan Gallagher being called up is as much of a reward as it is a signal that he's likely the top call up among forwards if a scoring winger goes down.