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Details Emerge On Kristo Suspension

Our SB Nation brothers at Western College Hockey have some new details on the suspension of Danny Kristo.

As published by Western College Hockey, the Grand Forks Herald has unearthed some disturbing new details on the incident at the University of North Dakota that resulted in Danny Kristo and 6 other teammates getting suspended.

You can read the article here.

It seems that the early assumptions that underage drinking or providing alcohol for underage players is only part of the incident, which much more seriously, involved hazing to the point of 4 young players receiving alcohol poisoning.

Hazing is something that's always been a part of sports, but it has been frowned upon in recent years for good reason. Often people take it much too far, and that was the case here. Never mind that hazing is against university rules.

The Montreal Canadiens announced last week that they had talked to Danny Kristo and that as far as they were concerned, the incident was dealt with. Hopefully the 22 year old forward learns from this experience and matures.