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Pacioretty Signs For What?

Max Pacioretty signs for a steal of a deal for a whopping 6 more years!


In stunning news on a Monday night, Marc Bergevin has signed left wing Max Pacioretty to a 6 year contract extension worth $27M in total.

The deal isn't stunning because signing Pacioretty to an extension is an odd move, it's that Pacioretty is poised to be a 30+ goal scorer for the next several seasons, and those players usually start at 6 million dollars a year. Pacioretty making 4.5 million dollars a year is just flat out, undeniably an excellent deal.

Max Pacioretty and Marc Bergevin have just ensured that the best forward this team has drafted since Tomas Plekanec will be a Montreal Canadien for a long time.

To get a grasp of how good this deal is, take a look at this comparison I did awhile ago between Phil Kessel and Max.

For those looking for a reason to put a bit of trust in Bergevin, this is something to point to.