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Who Am I?: Name The Habs Player Contest

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs wrapping up, I thought I'd fill the down time off the ice with a few "Who Am I" teasers.

Here is Day Two of our Who Am I?:Name The Habs player contest.

We will be posting clues for 10 past or present Habs players over the next two weeks (Monday to Friday). Some might be pretty easy, while others you may have to scratch your head about.

Once you have your ten answers, drop me an email with your choices.

The one with the most correct answers gets a Habs prize pack, consisting of some Habs swag and an autographed 8x10 Lars Eller. In the event of a tie, the person who replies ther fastest will be the winner.

Today's player after the jump.

See how well you know your Canadiens, past and present, and let's have some fun!

Who Am I? :June 11

  • I was on a Stanley Cup winning team with the Canadiens and played in 196 games as a Habs player
  • My brother is in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • I also played for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Florida Panthers
  • I was on the NHL All-Rookie Team in 1992