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Sunday Links - I Got Nothing Edition

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No really, I got basically nothing. My parents have been visiting me and also holidays, etc, so I haven't been keeping up on hockey reads. So I only have a few links this week and also something to say:

Have a very, very, VERY Happy New Year, everyone, and don't drive drunk. Don't. Drive. Drunk.

  • A great read from mc79hockey on the NHL's drop-dead date and the integrity of an NHL season:[]
  • James Mirtle goes digging to find out whether season ticket holders of NHL teams are cancelling their subscriptions: [Globe and Mail]
  • If you missed Don Cherry's nutty Twitter rant about Nail Yakupov: [Globe and Mail]
  • The Phoenix Coyotes could see their best financial results this year if the entire season is cancelled (no really, I did not make that up): [The Sporting News]
  • Montreal Canadiens bro Josh Gorges puts together an outdoor game with fans on Boxing Day: [The Sporting News]