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An Interview with Conor McKenna of TSN Radio 690

Last Week Conor McKenna was nice enough to take time out of his holidays to come do an interview with us.

Andrew Berkshire

A lot of us here in Montreal listen to TSN Radio 690, not only for Habs games but for some great sports talk radio. This site in particular has a lot of friends on that radio station and it was very troubling when it was threatened that the station may be shut down, but thanks to the CRTC that's no longer something we need to worry about.

One of our favourite hosts on TSN 690, Conor McKenna, was kind enough to take some time away from shopping for presents to come in and do an interview with us. Conor shared his story of how he came to radio, along with some opinions and other stories, like how much he likes Sidney Crosby's butt.

It was a joy to talk to Conor in person for just the second time (we met at the premiere of Goon earlier this year), and hopefully that comes across in the video, so enjoy.