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Sunday Links - Happy Holidays Edition

Here are some Canadiens and hockey links you may have missed this week, including some sad news over at Battle of California.

Bruce Bennett

Have you gained ten pounds yet, or should I ask again on Wednesday? Christmas baking is the best kind of baking, and waking up at 4 a.m. every morning to watch the World Juniors (what do you mean, you're not?) is going to be infinitely easier with some hot coffee and various peppermint/sugar/caramel/chocolate baked goods. Of course, we'll be on top of all that hockey goodness, and by that, I mean that Andrew, Bruce, and the others will be on top of it and I will watch and enjoy said coverage like the rest of you.

On to links. Since the Grand Forks Herald is EOTP's favourite news source, I checked it for some relevant links but found none, so we'll just make do with these (I've decided I'm boycotting lockout coverage for this week's links because it's Christmas):

  • Our favourite Bruins blog, Stanley Cup of Chowder, on why Patrice Bergeron should be a Canadien (okay, I bought this post with a donation to Movember, but you should definitely read it). [SCoC]
  • Our buddy Robert Rice on a smorgasbord of Canadiens topics. [AllHabs]
  • A sit-down with Alex Galchenyuk, who, it should be said, is making Leafs fans green with envy already. [intheoradio]
  • Speaking of Galchenyuk, he talked about how the Canadiens' advice to him is paying off. [PHT]
  • The wonderful Katie Baker on the upcoming World Juniors. Seriously I would read Katie Baker on anything. Even Rene Bourque. [Grantland]
  • You hate the Flyers but I like the Flyers and now some of the Flyers are in a movie (that isn't getting the loveliest of reviews, but I'm willing to bet it's not Ian Laperriere's performance that's the problem). [PHT]
  • Finally, it's Battle of California Week in today's links! First, Sleek retires from blogging, which is the worst thing ever. [BoC]
  • Then, Rudy Kelly retires on the same day, but can never die. [BoC]
  • Then, Rudy Kelly has died. [BoC]
  • Then, there's a new regime at Battle of California. [BoC]