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December podcast and a small announcement

Bruce Peter, Stephan Cooper, Laura Saba (The Active Stick), and myself got together Wednesday night and talked some hockey.

SB Nation United

Well, I'm happy to announce that we've finally got our crap together in regards to podcasting. We won't be tossing you around to different sites anymore as we've found one that works very well for our needs, and that is MixCloud.

You can find our profile here, and you can follow it through MixCloud for instant updates or wait for us to post things here.

What's especially cool about MixCloud, is that we are now able to post segmented podcasts that will allow you to see what we're talking about at what part of the podcast. So if you don't want to hear about the lockout, you can skip a portion about the lockout. If you just want to hear about prospects and ignore the rest, you can now do so with ease.

I'm very excited about using this tool in the future, and I've re-uploaded the October podcast to our MixCloud profile and segmented if you missed it back when we posted it.

This podcast was recorded this past Wednesday, the much talked about 12/12/12. Because of this we mention a few things that don't hold up, like Nathan Beaulieu not having a goal this year (he scored last night for the Bulldogs).

Bruce, Stephan, Laura and I got together for close to two hours, but recorded for just over 1:20. Listen in as we talk about anecdotes vs evidence, prospects, the bulldogs, Canadiens players overseas, the awesomeness of P.K. Subban, and meeting NHLers in real life.

If you would like an mp3 of the podcast, please download it here.