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Subban Does The Weather

What else would you expect from P.K. during the lockout?

Continuing to defy what you would expect an NHL player to do during the lockout, after appearances with George Strombolopolous and on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, P.K. Subban joined the local CTV newscast yesterday night to do the weather forecast.

Determined to make Brian Wilde feel like Hal Gill, Subban totally threw off the vet reporter before his sports segment and seemed to have the entire crew laughing the whole time he was there, none more so than regular weather reporter Lori Graham, who had to drag Subban off screen in the end because he was over time.

The charismatic young Montreal Canadiens defender also took the time to show off his style in a rare double breasted suit, and was caught in a deep facepalm as Wilde discussed the continuing stalemate of the lockout. As always, Subban wears his emotions on his stylish sleeves.