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Hamilton Bulldogs Training Camp: Day 6

Another scrimmage is set for tonight, as Team Red continues to look for their first win.

Jean-Yves Ahern-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The lineups stay the same for tonight's Hamilton Bulldogs scrimmage in Sherbrooke, Quebec.


The baby Habs have gathered quite the following in Sherbrooke, as the arena was packed for last night's shinny, with even standing room area occupied completely.

The passionate and noisy crowd prompted new Bulldog Kyle Hagel to tweet:

With the NHL negotiations continuing to end in neither side wanting to budge, the Bulldogs may see their biggest following ever this year. AHL hockey could never replace the unique impact the Montreal Canadiens have on this city, but it's something to bide the time, and there are a number of interesting prospects to keep track of.

Marc Bergevin is scheduled to speak before the intra-squad game begins tonight.

Live Web Stream via CJAD