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Off day for Habs. Hopefully no fine

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Apologies for no post game write up last night. Holiday dinners, and wedding plans kept me away from the good ole laptop for the night and most of today.

Arguably Saturday's 2-1 loss in double OT was the best of the series thus far. It's a series that could easily be over for the Bruins after five games. Game Five however was a Bruins win largely in part to Tim Thomas. The Bruins goalie is clearly not collapsing further as the series progressed. In fact, he may be getting better.

Carey Price was equally brilliant, but his defensive coverage played the key breakdown in both Bruins goals.

The Montreal Canadiens had Sunday off as they made it back to Montreal to face the Boston Bruins Tuesday. Players were not available to the media, but coach Jacques Martin did speak to them.

There is a report circulating via RDS that the Habs were fined $10,000 for making their players unavailable to the press last Tuesday. Neither the NHL or the Canadiens have confirmed this.

I suspect the report is false, as four Habs could have made it more worth the ten grand by flipping the bird at the TD Banknorth crowd on Saturday.

There is also speculation that David Desharnais suffered a knee injury during the overtime. Desharnais was brilliant playing alongside Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez.

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