Fire Everyone, Boston Beat us!

Hopefully last night's game between Boston and Detroit brought us back to reality. While Boston can revel in the penalty fest a few nights ago and uninformed fans think that Boston is set up for a playoff run to the cup and will thrash the Habs along the way...that ain't exactly reality. To act like the entire Habs lineup needs to be changed due to 1 loss is also lunacy.
Detroit, a fast puck possession team that is responsible defensively (who does that remind you of?) dismantled those same big bad bruins. Furthermore, if the season series was a playoff series, we'd be one win away from the next round. Combine that with the fact we have been to score on the likely Vezina winner all year and remember our powerplay that was stinking up the joint kept us in the game with a couple of goals and looked good against a "good" defensive team, what'll happen if we play a hockey game next time? The insanity that happened the other night would have led to us easily winning if there was any interest in backchecking or doing what this team should do, let a "bigger" team (Phily, Boston, etc) take extra penalties against us and score on resulting powerplays.
The B's won a February...when they scored a ton because Montreal played one of it's worst games of the year...who gives a rats ass. Gauthier has gotten past the fervor and asinine belief we need to get bigger, we need to get a responsible second line winger to replace AK in the next 16 days.
As Detroit was kind enough to remind us last night, the cup isn't going through Boston...and even if we gotta go through them, I like our chances. As a Wings fan tweeted yesterday, "Bruins lead the league in fights. Personally, I think leading the NHL in points is much more important."

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