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Max Pacioretty to face the music

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There's no surprise here. Max Pacioretty will have a phone conversation Monday  with NHL Sheriff Brendan Shanahan, after the Habs forward laid out a questionable hit on the Pittsburgh Penguins' Kris Letang Saturday night.

Pacioretty has a couple things going for him. He admitted that it wasn't intentional, and was apologetic post-game. Letang felt likewise, suffering a broken nose on the hit. It was evident that he did not require a visit to the "quiet room," based on the amount of time he missed. Even our fellows at PensBurgh felt the hit was not intended.

Unfortunately the bloggers and  educated fans do not weigh in on the decisions of the NHL.

The one thing that Pacioretty has against him is that he's not a member of the Boston Bruins, which is typically an automatic pardon.

If there was ever something that needed review, it was the complete miss on Letang's overtime winner, where Carey Price clearly had the puck stopped sufficiently for a whistle. Gotta love this two referee system we have, eh?