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Should Molson be Concerned with the Number of Flying Un-frenchmen in Montreal?


Interesting question on CKAC radio recently in light of the signing of Max Lapierre to a one year deal.

As Lapierre and Mathieu Darche are the lone two remaining french Canadians from Quebec (Benoit Pouliot being Alfred, Ontario born), do you think there should be a mandate from Geoff Molson to GM Pierre Gauthier to increase the Quebec born player content on the club?

Contrarily, would you think it best that Molson simply instruct Gauthier to build the strongest club regardless of nationality?

For myself, I've always kind of fence sat on this one. Yes francophone content is awesone, but never at the cost of the betterment of the team in whole.

Some may suggest, and I'll agree to a point, that on occasion, bring in a francophone does make the player better in Montreal. However, there are again contrary examples to suggest the opposite. One argument for each is the Pouliot for Guillaume Latendresse trade. It could even be pointed that Pouliot has exemplified both coin sides on this angle.

For curiosity sake, fun and an argument or three, name a francophone player in the cap range of a current anglophone / Euro Hab that you feel would be an improvement.

As always with language questions, keep the discussion respectful, please.