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Stanley Cup images from 100 seasons


Photographs of proud players and teams posing with the Stanley Cup is a tradition as old as the trophy itself.

It began in 1893, when a silver bowl was first donated to the Dominion of Canada by Governor General Lord Stanley of Preston found its first victors - the Montreal Amateur Athlectic Association.

From its evolution as a amateur challenge cup into an enlarged and elongated professional championship icon, the Cup is far and away the most beautiful representation of the game.

It has been said that folks who cannot differentiate between a road apple and a rubber disc, recognize Stanley as representing superiority in hockey.

Perhaps it is because the trophy is the hardest and most arduest to win in all of sport, that those who lay claim to it, treasure every moment alongside.

Winning players have been known to kiss and caress it, drink from it, place their babies in it, and party with it all they can. Fans of all ages and nationalities seek to have their photo taken with it. Woman hug Stanley, wishing they could have it's children.

I often look at these snapshots and wish I could be one of the players raising it.

Don't we all.

If I had my choice, I'd be the graying, battlescared Pocket Rocket Richard you above. In interviews, Henri often mentions that he has 11 children, before correcting himself.

"No wait...I'm sorry, that's 10 children and 11 Cups - I get them confused sometimes!"

Here is a collage of Cup images, semi - retrospectively - from one hundred and sixteen year of being photographed.

Cup_col_0 Cup_col_01 Cup_col_10Cup_col_1 Cup_col_2 Cup_col_3 Cup_col_4 Cup_col_5 Cup_col_6 Cup_col_7 Cup_col_8