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Bruins Fan Steals A Habs Souvenir


Check out this You Tube clip of Alex Kovalev's stick being yanked from him through the camera man's hole in the glass.

The clip is all over the net by now, and has even been interpreted by some Boston fans as Kovy trying to spear the man pulling his stick.

If you happen to see an AK 27 Warrior stick up for grabs on e-bay in the next couple of days, it might just be the same one.

Stanley Cup of Chowder, the Bruins SBN site, have done a great job tracking the "thief". Apparently, he ended up getting the shaft!

Like photo's of Bruins holding up the Stanley Cup, it's not something you see everyday.

Below that clip, is another one from the Bruins home rink. Keep your eyes on the Red Wings Steve Yzerman's fan interaction as he comes off the ice.