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EOTP Reader Playoffs Poll


I though I would do a little poll to quiz readers on their post season interests. I'd like as many people to take part in it as possible, as it seeks to serve your hockey interests better.

The question is essentially this: If and when the Canadiens are eliminated from the playoffs, what type of content would you like to see at this site. I will most surely continue to post on the Canadiens doings as usual, but I am thinking of choosing a secondary team or teams beyond the first round and covering that from a Canadiens perspective.

In order to choose the team or teams, I'd like your assistance in picking them out.

The choices span all Original Six teams, all three Canadian entries, Crosby and Ovechkin's clubs, and the President Trophy winning Sharks. There is also an option to keep content here strictly aimed on the Canadiens.

Have your say!

Let's hope there's no need to cover that secondary team for a couple of rounds, but the poll is in place presently in order to get a proper sample of interests before that option arises. Thanks for your assistance.