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And Now It Is Time To......


As you're likely well aware, it has been a rough couple for me recently. The last few days have been filled with a bunch of emotions that are better saved for street hockey. I've got nothing to add to all of that, and I have pretty much expended myself in alot of ways. But what's done is done. Somewhere down this endless patch of ice will be a lesson learned, I guess. I'll recognize it when I see it.

Often in times like this, there's a human tendency to dwell on what one no longer has. For me, this became very brief because a good slice of readers here who quickly and firmly reminded me of what it is I do have - which is about the best batch of regulars a guy could ask for. I was / am / continue to be humbled by all your words and gestures. I am indebted to continue to offer you all the best content I can manage. Thanks, to all of you once more, for the lift. Regular posting should resume later today. Here is a roll call of commenters, e-mailers, and long distance callers who have propped me up in the last 48 hours.

Doug / Ian Cobb / Kevin / Keith / Ryan / Moey / Steve / Jimbo / Gary / Earl / Democracy For Some / Subdoxastic / Julian / Saskhab / RudeMood19 / Wamsley / Gillis / Joe X / Topham / Grrrreg / Thecapotc / Green Hunter / 24 Cups / Charles / Ron / Ryan / Bill / Bryan K / Slax / GeorgeH / Beaner / Godfrey Jones / Plumber X / J / Habsmom / Jennifer / Diane / Carey P / Serge / Sam / Doris / Graeme / Habfan08 / Dave T / XenoGeno / Lark / Ronald / Pierre S / Diane (2) / Habit4Habs / Gerry

I may have deleted an e-mail or ten and missed someone. I apologize if I have. 

Time to turn the!

Time has a way of making things better. (Cute segue to a history of Habs timepieces.) 



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