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Hunting Down A Guy Lafleur Rookie Card, Getting It Signed, And Discovering The Worth Of Cardboard


Guy Lafleur, like many of you I suppose, is the main reason I fell in love with hockey, or more specifically, the Montreal Canadiens.

Before I encountered Lafleur, I simply liked hockey alot. I played ball hockey on the street, a fan of no particular team, and was somewhat amazed by the exploits of one Bobby Orr, who I rarely got a chance to see play.

That all changed one evening. It's a story I've recounted at this site a few times before. In essense, my Dad took me to a junior game in town - the Cornwall Royals versus Lafleur's Quebec Remparts. Guy was in the midst of a 130 goal season in junior, and he absolutely, singlehandedly destroyed my Royals that night. Five or six goals - the night was a blur the moment my captivated imagination left the rink. Lafleur was on everyone's lips that game, even before it began. It had become apparent that the Canadiens would be drafting him. I still recall declaring that if it came to be, the Habs would be my team for life. I was all of 8 years old. You know the rest.

For anyone growing up at this time, Lafleur became larger than life. No explanation is needed to explain why.

For whatever reason, I've always clung onto every detail about Lafleur. I guess fanaticism makes one that way.

Sometime around 1991, I became heavily involved in hockey card trading and collecting. One day I saw a Guy Lafleur rookie I once owned, but foolishly parted with in my teenage hormonal nonsense.

I wanted this card real bad. The store owner, a real dick named Herb, had it priced at $200.00. I could hardly afford that sum, so I asked if I could make a trade for a few other valuables.

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