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Habs Poll # 1 - You be the GM! Let's make a deal!

The NHL Christmas roster freeze kicked in yesterday, so trade speculation will not likely be a subject discussed much over the next ten days. Nonetheless, why not pull a couple of deals out of thin air for some good old nonsense, speculation and argument..

Below there are five polls - scroll down, check them out and vote. The first two suggest interesting trades the Canadiens could make to improve their team. You may or may not agree with them, or choose to wait. The other two polls are just lists of players. One is a group of players that may be of interest to the Habs and the other is a listing of players the Canadiens could trade.

How would you feel about reacquiring Mark Streit and a conditional draft pick for Chris Higgins and Ryan O'Byrne. The conditional pick from the Islanders depends on their making the playoffs. Should they qualify, the Habs get a second rounder.

The second deal is for Jay Bowmeester. The conditional pick here is again a second rounder, dependant upon the Canadiens resigning Bowmeester for two or more seasons starting in 2009-10.

From the two player lists, you can suggest in the comments any package deal you wish. I'll gather a consensus, and form a forthcoming poll from it that will be posted in a matter of days. the suggested trade that emerges from the votes, will most likely become a package deal, and for that reason, you can vote for as many Canadiens players shipped out as you wish, but only vote once for the return player in a deal.

The fifth and final poll, is for shits and giggles only. It will never come to this, but imagine yourself in the GM's shoes after a 7-1 hammering on home ice to the Leafs!

Have fun being the GM!